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12/12/2010: Sam Houston



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Memorial Tower – Louisiana State University


An Honest Day’s Work


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The statue at the entrance to McNeese St University in Lake Charles, LA.  The statue, titled “An Honest Day’s Work,” was designed by Fred Fellows of Sonoita, Ariz. He is known for Western figure-genre paintings and sculpture that commemorate cowboy life.  The sculpture, which depicts an 1870-to-1880s-period cowboy, was selected because it resembled the university’s logo. It stands 11 feet tall without the base and is 9 feet 6 inches long and 7 feet wide. It weighs about 2,800 pounds.

Shearman Fine Arts Building – McNeese St. University


Another image from my commercial shoot of buildings for Champeaux, Evans, Hotard Architects in Lake Charles, LA. This is the theater taken from the stage.  I am going to be moving my blog to this location:  I hope that you will all make this change.

Sam Houston


This is a shot of the amazingly enormous statue of Sam Houston on the side of I45 in Huntsville, TX.  I drove past this on my way to Lake Charles, LA a few weeks ago and stopped on my way back to Dallas to get a few shots.  The statue actually scares you when you come around the curve on I45 as it is hidden by the pine trees and suddenly appears.  The statue, just south of Huntsville, TX is the world’s tallest statue of an American hero — Sam Houston.  The 67-ft. tall (plus 10-ft. base) statue is named “A Tribute to Courage.” Sam Houston, celebrated political architect of Texas, towers in concrete above Interstate 45, with walking cane and snappy duds of a 19th century statesman. In the summer humidity of east Texas, we appreciate the tensile strength of one who could dress like this and still lead. from


Times Square – New York City



































This is a 3 exposure handheld HDR shot of Times Square in New York on a really cloudy, overcast night.  It really is an amazing place to witness at night.  So much flashing before your eyes and so many people rushing around.  When I left my car earlier in the day, it was raining, and was supposed to continue all night.  I decided not to lug my tripod around all day if I was not going to be able to use it.  I guess I learned my lesson, I will always have it with me in the future.  But I think this turned out OK for a handheld shot.  Let me know what you think.