Boston City Hall


Boston City Hall (built 1969) is the seat of the municipal government of Boston, Massachusetts. Architecturally, it is a 9-level, horizontally-oriented brutalist building designed by Kallmann McKinnell & Knowles. It is located on an unadorned concrete-and-brick plaza in the larger Government Center complex.

This controversial over scale building was designed by Gerhard KallmannNoel McKinnell, and Edward Knowles, three Columbia Universityprofessors, who won the nationwide contest in 1962 to design the building. Their design, which was chosen out of 256 entries, was said to revolve around the theme of creating a public and accessible character for the headquarters of the city’s government (columns and eagles were out of fashion at the time). The architects claimed to be inspired in their aim for civic monumentality by precedents as varied as Le Corbusier’s works, especially the monastery of Sainte Marie de La Tourette, with its cantilevered upper floors, exposed concrete structure, and its similar interpretation of public and private spaces, and Medieval and Renaissance Italian public spaces. from wikipedia.


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